AHAS group was formed in 1995 by a group of people from Ugandan organisation and a group of leadership members from Swahili Social,Cultural and Football Club. Both groups were invited by M/S Karin Hjort from the Danish board of health. In other word, it was M/S Karin Hjorts initiative that brought about the basis for HIV/AIDS work among us.
The Danish board of health was desparetly looking for some one from the ethnic minority to act as ambassador or a bridge between the authority and the ethnic minority regarding HIV/AIDS. Reaching as well as convaying information on HIV/AIDS to Africans in particular was very difficult for the Danish board of health and it was even mor hard to get closer to the Somalies on this topic.

The reason for choosing Africans especially East Africans is the fact that, even Europeans then thought that AIDS was East Africans fenominor. We were stamped to be HIV carrier not only by Europeans but also (even) by other African nations as well.
When we started our group, the  board members comprised of about 20 men and only one lady. This lady was Karin Hjort who also was the founder of the concept. A very active African lady was latter introduced to AHAS Group (then EAHASG). We called our group East African HIV/AIDS Support Group.
We our selves accepted the notion that HIV/AIDS was East African business.The name AHAS Group was changed to what we have today: AHAS Group Primarily due to (HIV/AIDS) taboo. We came to realise that, we East Africans should not confirm that we are a problem,like others thought we are.
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