Capacity Building in Zanzibar

Ahas-group is comprised of people with different talents and interest, therefore we are  by all means bound to  have indeed to create activities of different dimension so that members of different categories and qualities  can be engaged. It is important to note that our starting point is supporting victims of Hiv /Aids.

We are fully involved in humanitarian activities some of which are to helping schools in Africa by sending them school furniture so that students are not sitting on the floor.  We do also send reading materials and IT equipments so that our people in Africa can catch up with the modern technologies. We do also send hospital equipment from time to time. Ahas-group is to a great extent involved in capacity building in Africa and this is done through co-operation with other NGOs both in Denmark and in Africa.

Some of our engagements in Africa can be seen here in slideshows.

  • Monitering trip to Zanzibar September -October 
  • In  September 2012 a special arrangements was made at the Alternative Learning center,Rahaleo by a group of schools in Zanzibar to show their appreciation for what Ahas-Group has and is doing for them.There were teachers,Directors from the ministry of education,costums,tax office as well as private invited 
  • Discussing IT project implementation with Teachers Union (ZATU)
  • Mikunguni Technical school(MTSS trying to find ways to
  • Karume Technical College(KTC) searching for co-operation........ 
  • Zanzibar Commercial & Computer College (ZCCC)
  • Chumbuni primary
  • Kisiwandui primary
  • Jangombe primary

Pictures showing our effort in supplying school equipment as mentioned above

Ahas-group is soon establishing IT centre in Zanzibar in co-operation withZanzibar Teachers Union(ZATU). We infect have more project plans on board, both on material help as well  as capacity building in different fields