Seminar on Aids

Tanzania is one of the countries experiencing a reversal in human development due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. AIDS has been in Tanzania for 18 years and by December 1999 estimated number of adults and children living with HIV/AIDS was 1.3 million (UNADS:2000). The disease has evolved from being a new and rare disease to a common household problem, which has affected most households in the country. The Tanzania GDP will be 20% lower in 2010 than it would have been without the AIDS pandemic. This is due to causes of economic loss such as savings and investments, remittances, personal replacement and retraining.

Even life expectancy at birth is expected to drop by 15 years, which is from 61 years to 46 years (consultative Group Meeting:.2000) . HIV/AIDS related illnesses are as of present the leading cause of death among adults in Tanzania estimated at 140,000 by the end of 1999 (UNAIDS : 2000)

About 8.09 % of the most productive members of Tanzania are estimated to be infected . The end result is that the productive sectors are experiencing the loss of skilled manpower and prominent entrepreneur 15,000 primary and secondary school teachers die annually in what can largely be linked to HIV/AIDS and its related diseases, according to the commission of education in the ministry of education and culture, Alexander Ndeki.

Tanzania cannot escape slower rate of GNP growth . Sickness and death will lead to high job turnover and high cost of recruitment and training. This is happening to a country experiencing scarce trained human resource. This will definitely lead to a reduction of both quality and quantity of labour needed to produce output .The adverse impact of the disease on development, calls for widening the response outside Tanzania.

There is a need of a meaningful supplement of the country efforts with other countries.There is a need of Tanzania meeting such countries like Denmark to address interventions that cut across the health sector and the socio-economic determinants and consequences of AIDS AIDS as a developmental problem it has a multi-sectoral and global impact, and thus requires a multi-sectoral and global solution.


  • To give the NGOs (our partners) from Tanzania the opportunity to present their HIV/AIDS problems to the Danish authorities, Danish NGOs, the Danish public and to all interested parties.
  • To get the opportunity to exchange ideas with Danish NGOs and other interested individuals on ways in which Tanzania NGOs can utilize for fundraising from donors in and outside Tanzania for AIDS work.
  • To establish a Tanzania – Danish (North – South) network and guidelines on campaign against HIV/AIDS In Tanzania through  exchanging ideas between Tanzania & Danish HIV/AIDS related NGOs and other personalities..Expected output from the seminar
  • To establish a project co-ordination group of Tanzania – Danish NGOs which will set up an Accessible database and a network on HIV/AIDS in Tanzania to facilitate the Information flow between our two countries as well as other Scandinavian countries.
  • To give Danish NGOs , Danish authorities , and all interested parties a clear picture of HIV/AIDS situation in Tanzania.
  • To establish an ideal strategy which can be used or implemented by every NGO as well as individuals to fight HIV/AIDS in Tanzania .

Topic for discussion (amongst other things)

  • Hon. Minister of Health to present Tanzania government policy, strategy and approach to the problem of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.
  • Relationship between AIDS, culture and churches standpoint on how to fight AIDS.
  • What is the churches role in fighting AIDS in Tanzania – by a Christian scholar
  • Islamic teaching and local traditions on the question of fight against AIDS – by a scholar.
  • A HIV positive from Tanzania to talk about how life is for the victims of AIDS in Tanzania.
  • Two NGO representatives to talk about their work and the challenge they encounter.
  • Are NGOs getting any financial support from the government institutions for HIV/AIDS work in Tanzania ?
  • How can Denmark as a donor help Tanzania alleviate the pains of AIDS burden and what role can or should the Danish NGOs play to help Tanzania NGOs. By Knud Vilby.
  • DANIDA to present their sector policy and financial support strategy on HIV/AIDS in Tanzania .
  • Tanzania NGO some more inspiration .
  • A Tanzanian working on HIV prevention in Denmark – Ali Talib
  • Participants from Tanzania:
  • Minister of health
  • Two HIV/AIDS NGO leaders- one from Zanzibar and one from mainland Tanzania.