AHAS Group working partners, Donors & membership.

HIV-DK. The donor, The Danish board of health (sundhedsstyrelsen) decided that we had to be placed under HIV-DK   administration - managing the funds for the work and activities we do.
Again the donor decided that we should work with or be under Aids-linie. Aids-linie established many good HIV/AIDS courses for our members and among other things it was this time that AHAS Group arranged an event in Arhus.
CISU. Civil Society in Development is an independent association of 260+ small and medium sized Danish Civil Society Organisations, CSOs. All members are engaged in development work in Asia, Africa or Latin America - either as    their main focus or as part of their activities.
 Aids-Fond                           Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke

New development in AHASG history.

As time goes by AHASG has to follow the event around us for the good of our group as well as and most importantly the intended recipient in the south. AHASG is holding on the original concept but at the same time adding up some important work as well as expertise.

African HIV/AIDS Support Group (AHASG) is now: African Humanitarian & HIV/ADS Support Group (AHASG).Seeing school children sitting down on the floor in their class rooms while at the same time knowing that school furniture is being changed and kept in stores every year here in Denmark and elsewhere, Hospital beds put in stores while sick people are sleeping on the hospital floor in the south just to mention some, precipitated our changing of thoughts. 

AHASG is now also engaged in doing small projects to help the needy in Africa in cooperation with MS Danish Association for International Co-operation mainly in connection with sending of goods etc and we are members of PR Projektrådgivning.